Work from Home..?

Hi all. Thank you for a great product!! I have completed a very basic self-hosted install, that is aimed at giving our users a stable “work-from-home” vpn experience. I have been trying to figure this out, and worked thru all the online content, and the docs, that I could fine. But I am lost…

Please would someone here be so kind as to explain how I would set up a basic VPN connction where our employees can connect from anywhere, and have access to the entire lan infrastructure at work please?

Did you check the use cases Firezone documentation has? Do share the current network setup to get some suggestions.
You can allow incoming connections from the private Firezone IP to the internal network/assets, this is easy to achieve, but keep in mind that Firezone currently lacks proper HA, this is planned in the 1.0 release by the year end.