Using Firezone with Webmin install

Firezone was working fine until I installed Webmin on my VPS. I connected by indicating the server ip followed by port 443. The welcome page for the connection loaded and I had then access to the administration normally.
Since the installation of Webmin I can no longer connect on the web interface but the existing connections are still operational.
I wonder if Webmin and Firezone can coexist on the same server ?

Firezone is installed with Dockers. Could someone tell me what to do or what to check. Thanks

VPS run under Debian Linux 11

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Hello @Fred
Since both Firezone and Webmin by default use port 443, you cannot use both at the same time, what you can probably do is change the port of firezone from config to anything you want and then you can run both without a problem. Actually, you change which ever you want, it doesn’t have to be firezone.