Unable to sign out (Keycloak, Invalid redirect uri)

I have problems with logging out of firezone for users signed in with Keycloak. Tested on version 0.6.9. Not sure if it’s a problem with my configuration or firezone bug. Thanks in advance for help.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install latest Keycloak (20.01)
  2. Create keycloak client following firezone docs
  3. Log in via Keycloak creds
  4. Press “Sign out” button

Observed behavior
Kecloak page with “We are sorry… Invalid redirect uri” message shows up. The address ends with &post_logout_redirect_uri=%2F, without actual link following it. User remains logged in. Keycloak session is not ended.

Expected behaviour
Displaying firezone login page.

Fix was just merged. Coming in 0.6.10.

I’m still able to reproduce it on 0.6.10. Same outcome.

Does the address still end with &post_logout_redirect_uri=%2F? If not, has the Firezone EXTERNAL_URL been configured in Keycloak as a valid redirect URI?

I had the same issue, fixed it after I’ve set keycloak’s “Valid post logout redirect URIs” option to firezone root url.

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thanks, setting up “Valid post logout redirect URIs” on 0.6.10, where the bug was fixed, indeed fixes this problem.