Set Default Endpoint to Device's IP


I love firezone. It’s quite an amazing project! I can see a lot of pottential in it.

I’m looking to build a mesh network where my devices communicate with each other and not use the server’s IP. Is there any possible way for us to set the default endpoint as the devices IP and not the server’s IP so that only the wireguard IPs are resolved through the tunnel netowrk? Much like how other mesh network projects work.

If this is a posisbility, the Firezone will probably the one to rule them all

Hi @farish! Thanks for the comment. Unless all of your devices are on the open internet (i.e. not behind a NAT firewall / router) then this won’t be feasible without Firezone providing NAT traversal assistance.

We’re considering that for a future release, but in the meantime feel free to join our Slack: Join firezone on Slack | Slack