Route traffic through multiple firezone servers

I’m having an issue where ISPs have blocked wireguard protocol (internet censorship) entirely and only certain data centers inside the county are not blocked but the issue is internal data centers have censored internet as well.

What I’m trying to achieve is to install two firezone instances.

  • Server A: a VPS on the internal datacenter which allows wireguard connections
  • Server B: a VPS on a datacenter where internet is not restricted (e.g on Azure)

and then route my client traffic through server A and then server B to have un-censored internet.
Is such thing even possible?

In another word: Client connects to Server A and then Server A routes the traffic to server B, so the client’s IP address should become Server B’s public IP.

I have tried setting up Firezone on “Server A” and it works fine but couldn’t figure out a way to then route the traffic to Server B.

I would appreciate any help in advance

I am also interested in this topic since i have been using Netmaker to create wireguard VPN server. It has ability to register multiple nodes and they can be used to route traffic to multiple different networks. But i do not know if this is possible with Firezone or if this feature is planned.

If they plan to integrate this feature then we could switch right away from Netmaker to Firezone…