Public Key missing after upgrading to latest firezone

Public key missing on new device created after restarting firezone server.

Hi @herbertrivera – is this a persistent issue with Firezone 0.6.16? Could you elaborate a little more on the steps required to reproduce this error? Thanks!

This has been resolved by restarting firezone couple of times. this version is very stable. No connection issue at all unlike the newer version. The only problem though is the ipv6 even when disabled gets an error “IPv6 address pool is exhausted. Increase network size or remove some devices”. this server has set to disable ipv6 and is using 100.xx.xx.xx/10 CGNAT. Any thoughts Jamil?

This issue of missing public key is happening again after upgraded to 0.7.8 all users wont be able to connect until public key is present. Restarted server and did restart docker but not working.