No admin privileges during fresh installation with SSO - Automatic Install

@jamil, before starting a new installation, set default['firezone']['admin_email']' to SSO_EMAIL in /opt/firezone/embedded/cookbooks/firezone/attributes/default.rb, then the user do not get admin privileges

In-order to get admin access, need to do the following.
Set a non SSO_EMAIL address in default['firezone']['admin_email']', firezone-ctl reconfigure, login as new admin user, promote the SSO_EMAIL ad admin.

@jamil , can you please provide the CLI command to promote a user as admin?

Sure! Try this: Running SQL Queries | Docs Firezone

@jamil Yes, I had to do like that but just curious to know if there is a CLI command as I don’t want to store the database details in ansible vars for automation, yes I can use vault but still, prefer CLI command instead.

@remy Unfortunately no, not yet. Could you store the vars in a .env file and source this before executing the command?

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