Moving postgresql db to RDS

Initially I had default setup for Firezone, but later I created a postgresql RDS on AWS and restored data from current postgres running on firezone server by taking a db dump. However, when I run firezone-ctl reconfigure, it gets stuck in db recipe. I saw the recipe on server, and it mentions superuser there which is not allowed in RDS. Any tips on how I can use AWS RDS with Firezone?

Hi @utsavk – it should avoid trying to create a superuser if you set default['firezone']['database']['create_user'] to false in your config. You’ll probably want to set create_db to false as well.

# Create the DB user. Set this to false if the user already exists.
default['firezone']['database']['create_user'] = true

# Create the DB. Set this to false if the database already exists.
default['firezone']['database']['create_db'] = true

Does that fix the issue?

Will this property work with version 0.3.0 as well?
because i dont see these options in /opt/firezone/embedded/cookbooks/firezone/attributes/default.rb

Ah, sorry, unfortunately not. Those were added in 0.3.4: firezone/default.rb at 0.3.4 · firezone/firezone · GitHub