Modifying HTML templates for users

Hi team,

Is it possible to modify the customize the HTML page for user?

  1. I do know you can add a logo which is great

  2. main login page is good (Logo, “Sign in” text) and sign in methods, sign in with email/password, etc) which is good as well

  3. once you sign in
    3a. Can we modify this text here " Each device corresponds to a WireGuard configuration for connecting to this Firezone server.

     "You'll need a WireGuard client installed in order to connect to this Firezone instance. See [the Firezone documentation ]( a step-by-step guide."

    3b. Can we modify the bottom right text for any issues

     "For any issues, [contact your Firezone administrator]("

Is 3a and 3b possible?


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Hi @vkdelta – for security purposes, we don’t plan to add functionality to inject HTML or alter HTML on the page. You could fork it and build from source if you’d like to modify any of the HTML templates.

Thank you for your quick response!

Hey @vkdelta, even though we won’t add any way to inject HTML your content suggestions are valuable. I will think about how to incorporate them in the next version, thank you!

Thanks @andrew_dryga

Would like to abstract as much from actual users and link to internal doc (probably with different languages and screenshots).

also for support, rather than admin email, would like to point to support ticketing system or a different email (rather than admin email).

I think the HTML changes are pretty minor but just wanted to see if there is a way.

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