Manual caddy configure

I would like to use firezone in conjunction with other containers on the same server. At the same time I would like to use caddy as a reverse proxy for them. But I have not been able to configure the original caddy container to at least make firezone work. What Caddyfile configuration to use to get something like and

It’s easy to configure the Caddy2 container using a “Caddy file”, and FireZone is using an unmodified Caddy2 docker container (image: caddy:2). You can modify the configuration by adjusting the “Caddy” file. The default configuration used by Firezone is shown below and does not have a host header filter in place. To enable hostname routing, you can change “https://” to something more specific and add multiple backends.

https:// {
  reverse_proxy *${PHOENIX_PORT:-13000}

Please refer to the Caddy2 documentation for configuring Caddy, as it is not specific to Firezone. As long as you keep the “reverse_proxy” line for Firezone, you can experiment with modifying the configuration. However, be cautious when making changes, as upgrades could potentially break something. It’s recommended to test any updates in a dev environment first.