Internet is not working after connecting to VPN. Creating a new device resolves the issue. WHY?


  1. ufw: inactive
  2. firezone (docker)
  3. ubuntu machine on AWS
  4. wireguard client on macOS (Intel)

I have been using firezone from last few weeks. It was working fine for me so far.

Today, I faced an issue.

When I connected to the VPN, the internet stopped working and also I was not able to access my VPC resources from AWS.

I had never faced this issue.

I resolved this issue by creating a new device in firezone web portal and imported the config file in wireguard client. It started working as it was working before. no issues were faced.

Question: why was not my old device (config file) working? adding a new device everytime does not seem to be a feasible solution

We were running into this recently. We discovered that the Wireguard GUI client ends up dropping all Internet traffic if DNS servers aren’t defined. It was working fine with wg-quick from the CLI.