I'm looking for some basic build instructions

Hello awesome Firezone team, I’m looking at building a docker container using Alpine.

If I clone the repo as part of the docker process, is there any basic build instructions? :slight_smile:

Hey Matt, thanks for the interest and support!

We don’t support Docker at this time unfortunately. There’s a GH issue to look into this further: Containerization Support · Issue #260 · firezone/firezone · GitHub

As mentioned there, the difficulty is that we rely heavily on the nft and wg utilities which tie directly into the kernel and aren’t directly available inside a docker container, so we need to do some re-engineering to be able to make these container friendly.

That said, not sure if Chef Omnibus has out of the box support for Alpine packages, so your best bet is probably to adapt one of the existing packagers there for Alpine.

I’d like to write a setup script or sensible playbook process to automate this thing for my lab. Would love to contribute back. I just need the basic build steps vs. the rpm.

You can see where the package gets built in our CI pipeline here: firezone/ci.yml at master · firezone/firezone · GitHub

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Thats perfect thank you!