How do I create separate public IPs for each user?

Hello, We want to have each user have a separate public IP. Right now, all users are given the same public IP when they connect to the vpn.

Can someone tell me how to set this up? If the GUI does not support this, how can I manually do it?

Thank you

Hello @mrwg, there is no easy way to do it. You can try setting:


but those are hidden options, might not get result you were expecting and will be removed in the upcoming version.

Can you please describe why you want all users to have separate IPs so we can understand the use case here?

Hi Andrew, Thank you for your response.

Here is an example usage:

We have people that work from home, work temporarily, work from their phone, etc. We also have services, servers, located in different geographic locations. These servers/services have secure parts locked to pre-authorized IPs.

Not everyone has access to all servers/services.

So, if we can set a nice easy to use firewall up, and assign users IPs directly, we can quickly and easily allow those users to access the secure services that only those IPs are allowed to access.

I hope this helps.

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I wanna use firezone to provide a client vpn for an on premise setup.
Some services have things like ip banning after some amount of logins and i don’t want all users to be locked out.

It also makes working with access logs possible.
I can identify which user device ip accessed a server or caused a problem.
Without this I have to use tcpdump in realtime or have to log everything on the firezone server in realtime.