High availability cluster

How can I create firezone HA cluster? Can anyone share tutorials or docs on these theme?


There currently isn’t any native support built in to Firezone to handle HA. However, it is possible using other methods which may or may not solve your problem. Some of the ways I can think of:

  • If the server is virtual, using HA at the virtualization level (won’t help if the VM crashes or reboots etc.)
  • Using a combination of heartbeat and drbd
  • Using a combination of heartbeat and csync with an external Postgres database

I believe there are plans in future for this natively though.

Yep! It’s on our roadmap. In theory something like this may work in the meantime: GitHub - rupertbg/aws-wireguard-linux: WireGuard VPN implemented on Amazon Linux 2 with Load Balancing