Firezone Webpage (Phoenix) Access with additional URL path (not at server root; / )

Hi, I have managed to install Firezone behind an Nginx reverse proxy and everything works wonderfully.

I was wondering however if it was possible to install Firezone’s admin webpage (Phoenix) at a specific path rather than at the root path;

I.E. Changing the address for Firezone web UI from “” to “

I have also tried to use Nginx’s “path rewrite” configuration but with limited success because links to the internal css and js files seem to be broken when using this configuration.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Assuming you’ve correctly set up your reverse proxy to handle that path (looks like you’re using Nginx), you should just be able to update the default['firezone']['external_url'] (Omnibus) or EXTERNAL_URL (Docker) to match the desired URL. The Phoenix application will generate all links using this configuration setting.