Feature request: support managing multiple VPN servers while centralizing user and config management

Hi, I tried setup firezone 0.6 I think it’s great experience and easy to use. Thank you for building this amazing product.

However, I have a usecase where we have people in different regions (lets say US and AU), it might be faster for them to connect to a VPN server that sits in the same region, e.g. people in US connect to US VPN server, people in AU connects to AU VPN server. While having multiple VPN servers, the user management and push routes should be centralized as they are basically still connecting to the same network, which means people in US should still be able to connect to AU VPN server, but I just use geo based DNS to make them to use the local DNS server by default.

I’m just wondering if this is something on firezone’s roadmap ? Or it is already possible to have this setup in 0.6 ?

Thanks for the feedback. Multi-site is actively being worked on, yes. No specific ETA just yet, but keep an eye on our blog or github releases for when it lands.

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are we still on track with this?