Connecting to two different VPN Servers (Firezone) from one device

Hello there, I have two different Servers that I have installed Firezone on, and two of them are serving different services. I wanted to access those services from both two servers from my PC by connecting to both tunnels. Is this possible?

Hi @elhanan,

This is possible with WireGuard itself, but not possible with Firezone currently because your two instances will see different PublicKeys for the same device.

We have an open Github issue to allow editing the PublicKey field for a device. After that’s merged, you should be able to achieve what you’re after using the following workflow:

  1. Create device on Firezone server A and download its tunnel config
  2. Create device on Firezone server B using the device PublicKey from Firezone server A and download this tunnel config.
  3. Merge the [Peer] section from server B’s tunnel config file into server A’s config file.
  4. Activate the tunnel