Checking data usage by a user


Is there a facility to check how much data transfer is happening via users. This will help in identifying if any particular user is choking the bandwidth


Hi @utsavk – when viewing a user you should be able to view the devices owned by that user and the bytes transferred for each device belonging to the user. This requires version 0.3.7.

We don’t currently aggregate this data on a per-user basis, but will add this feature to our backlog. Thanks!

hi @jamil

We are currently on version 0.3.0, is there an upgrade guide available?

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@utsavk Yep! See here: Upgrade | Docs Firezone

Note you’ll probably want to convert the default['firezone']['fqdn'] configuration variable to default['firezone']['external_url'] as mentioned in that article.

Your instance will probably function fine without doing that, but the fqdn config var has been deprecated and may be removed in the future.

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