Changing HTTP/HTTPS ports in docker install/Caddy


To start, this is a fantastic piece of work, I can see how much effort went into this, I wish you best of luck.

My question:

I want to change the HTTP/HTTPS port that Caddy is using in the docker setup, I know it can be done in the Omnibus setup, but you mentioned that Omnibus is going away so I am trying to get away from that.

Reason? You know how some entities block ports, and hardly anyone blocks 80/443.

There might be a TCP vs UDP block, but that is a different issue.

I thought I can do it in the .env file, but I have no idea if that is possible or not, and what variables to use if it is.

Thank you


EDIT: not sure if I am doing this wrong, but I tried changing the Endpoint from the GUI, but it did not change even after restarting all the containers and even docker itself

You can edit the $HOME/.firezone/docker-compose.yml file as you wish. There’s a Caddyfile inlined in there. See The Caddyfile — Caddy Documentation

Note: ACME relies on the default of 80 and 443 I believe, so if you want automatic SSL you’ll need to use those.