Can firezone control/support OpenWRT devices?

Hi team,
I am currently working on a personal project to control the OpenWRT devices in remote locations.

Can these be achieved using firezone?

  1. Add new wg profiles
  2. Assigning more than 1000 profiles to multiple users
  3. Removing devices from the device
  4. Automatic on-boarding of OpenWRT devices to Firezone and assigning Wireguard profiles
  5. Remote control of the devices of users
  6. Controlling Firezone using API

Requesting you to please address to the above points. I am really interested to know more about your solution and get a better understanding

Hi @Saisubu99 – if I’m understanding correctly, this should be possible in the future with upcoming multi-site support. That’s probably a few releases away. The API will be coming in the next release.