Business/Pricing model

Hey! How are you doing?
We are considering self-hosting Firezone for our VPN. We’re a small company, using AWS as our cloud.

How will the business model look like? Will we still be able to create unlimited-ish users? Or will self-hosting be limited to X/Y amount of users?

We have no problem paying for support once that’s available - but we’d like to know the “future” of the service if we’re planning on settling to it.

I appreciate your time,

Bernardo Lopes

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Hi @bernardo – let me DM you :-).

Could you also DM me this information too? i’ve been using it for the past while and am potentially wanting to recommend/use it for clients if the business model is right. Thanks

Same interest. Looking for VPN solution for IoT networks. Please also DM to me. Thanks.