After 1.0 for free users, limitations?

What happens after 1.0 of early access?

Referencing the Early Access sign up age it contains “Free unlimited usage during the beta period”, is this to imply there will be usage limitations after the beta period?

If so, what limitations will be applied after 1.0 leaves Early Access?

Hi @Tubeless4543

After beta, Firezone will become Generally Available (GA). At this point, the pricing details listed on our pricing page will take effect. This is for the cloud-managed control plane.

We don’t provide explicit support for self-hosting the control plane, but the entire product is open source and our license doesn’t prevent you from doing so if you’d like to.

Things are changing rapidly now though, so things may break for you if you head down the self-hosting route. We hope this will become a better experience in the future.

Hello. I’d like an update on the above answer.

Will Firezone go down a full commercial SaaS route with opensource as an historical detail ? The quickstart setup in the v1 documentation goes through the SaaS, couldn’t find a word about local setup.

I’m okay with the business logic. But we need self hosted, so please clarify the intention there ?

Hi @rrrrrrrrrr

It’s not so much as a business decision as it is a feasibility decision. We don’t have the bandwidth to write infrastructure code guaranteed to work on every customer’s infra, in production. We can’t make any guarantee our migrations will work on your data. There’s also the challenge of API compatibility between the control plane you’re running, and the Client app your users chose to upgrade to and can’t rollback from.

We have users successfully self-hosting 1.x in production , but they’ve figured it out mostly for themselves, forking and contributing whatever small changes they’ve needed as appropriate (PRs welcome).

Given the above, this section of the README FAQ still applies.