Admin MFA Consideration

Hello, everyone!
I’ve recently tried your product and am really on fire with this.
It covers almost everything that small businesses require.

But as a security specialist, I wanted to ask os it is possible somehow to add MFA for admin accounts or allow only SSO with google. Thank you for your attention.

Hey @vadym_p thanks for asking – you can disable local auth like so:

# Disable local authentication
default['firezone']['authentication']['local']['enabled'] = false

We’ve got a ticket in the backlog to build MFA into Firezone but haven’t gotten to it just yet. For now that should work – let me know if it doesn’t. Thanks!

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And MFA is on the way MFA by princemaple · Pull Request #660 · firezone/firezone · GitHub

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Thank you that helping, in this way we enforce users to use sso. Thank you!