[SOLVED] Suddenly unable to access /etc/firezone

Hi! It seems something happened with my file permissions and I’m unable to access the /etc/firezone directory. Anyone know what the default permissions for it are? Using ls -la, it’s showing up as:

drwx------ 2 firezone firezone 4096 Nov 19 21:14 firezone



That looks like its the default; it’s the same on my system. When you say you can’t access it, which user are you trying from?

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Thanks for getting back to me!

It looks like I’m an idiot. I’m using the default ubuntu user (technically renamed from the default “ubuntu”) that’s created during OS installation. While that user does have sudo permissions, I completely forgot that it technically in of itself isn’t the root user. Doing sudo su root as expected, allowed me to access the directory as root.

Welp. That’s awkward! :sweat_smile: