Running firezone on Fedora

I am running Fedora 35 and downloaded the rpm. All of the contents are in /opt/firezone which is great. The system I have has apache running as well so I am wondering if I can have firezone use apache instead of nginx? I’ve all of the web contents in /var/www/html/* - the default for Fedora systems. Thanks.

Hey @harishpillay thanks for the question! We recommend just using the bundled nginx server and perhaps setting its listen port to something other than 443 if it conflicts with your apache server.

Though if you wanted to give it a shot, you could check the nginx configuration that gets generated at /var/opt/firezone/nginx/etc after you run firezone-ctl reconfigure and create the equivalent apache config.

Do let us know how it goes! If you need realtime help feel free to join our users Slack here: Join firezone on Slack | Slack

Thanks for the suggestions. Let me explore it. I’ve kept with apache all these years and have not deployed nginx.

@harishpillay Great. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more help.