Disabling ipv6 connectivity

EDIT: disregard, was able to get a handshake

The docker environment I’m running my wireguard client in doesn’t play well with ipv6, so I’d like to disable it entirely.

I manually deleted the ipv6 entries from the downloaded client config, but the box still doesn’t seem to connect, or at least the server GUI doesn’t show that a handshake was ever performed.

Is it possible that a config mismatch between server and client will prevent a successful connection? If so, is it possible to set up a device with ipv6 interface disabled entirely?

These are the logs from my client container:

2022-12-16 05:22:49.561047+00:00[INFO] Running iptables in nft mode
2022-12-16 05:22:49.628943+00:00[#] ip link add wg0 type wireguard
2022-12-16 05:22:49.637693+00:00[#] wg setconf wg0 /dev/fd/63
2022-12-16 05:22:49.664601+00:00[#] ip -4 address add dev wg0
2022-12-16 05:22:49.668054+00:00[#] ip link set mtu 1280 up dev wg0
2022-12-16 05:22:49.670060+00:00[#] resolvconf -a wg0 -m 0 -x
2022-12-16 05:22:56.379677+00:00[#] wg set wg0 fwmark 51820
2022-12-16 05:22:56.384972+00:00[#] ip -4 route add dev wg0 table 51820
2022-12-16 05:22:56.390294+00:00[#] ip -4 rule add not fwmark 51820 table 51820
2022-12-16 05:22:56.397396+00:00[#] ip -4 rule add table main suppress_prefixlength 0
2022-12-16 05:22:56.416174+00:00[#] 
2022-12-16 05:22:56.420302+00:00[#] iptables-restore -n
2022-12-16 05:22:58.727853+00:00[WARNING] sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark=1 is not set. This may prevent the killswitch from working properly and may prevent outbound network access.
2022-12-16 05:23:01.840888+00:00[INFO] Excluding from VPN IPv4 traffic
2022-12-16 05:23:01.854363+00:00[INFO] Excluding from VPN IPv4 traffic
2022-12-16 05:23:01.868319+00:00[INFO] Excluding from VPN IPv4 traffic

(no further logs after this)

Hello @heisian
Check out this link regarding disabling and enabling IPv6.