Change max count of device

Hi! i have installation of Firezone with omnibus. I trying to change maximal count of devices for users and nothing works for me.
I found file-and-directory-locations
and Environment Variables | Firezone
and Configuration File | Firezone

I modify /etc/firezone/firezone-running.json and restart server
I modify /var/opt/firezone/etc/env
I run reconfigure in ctl and i see max dev per usr =100 in my config ( config below )

“firezone”: {
“external_url”: “,
“admin_email”: "
“max_devices_per_user”: 100,
“allow_unprivileged_device_management”: true,
“allow_unprivileged_device_configuration”: true,
“config_directory”: “/etc/firezone”,
“install_directory”: “/opt/firezone”,
“app_directory”: “/opt/firezone/embedded/service/firezone”,
“log_directory”: “/var/log/firezone”,
“var_directory”: “/var/opt/firezone”,
“user”: “firezone”,
“group”: “firezone”,
“egress_interface”: “enp2s0”,
“fips_enabled”: false,
“logging”: {
“enabled”: true

But i can create only 10 devices per user. I try to create new user and create devices for him and again… only 10 devices.

Hi, thanks for the report. Did you restart the service to pick up the changes? firezone-ctl restart phoenix.

@minimaxxximus Also, you should be editing /etc/firezone/firezone.rb, not /etc/firezone/firezone-running.json or the files in /var/opt/firezone. Those may get overwritten when you reconfigure.

I make firezone-ctl restart and reboot server

How can you change “max_devices_per_user”: to 1 device per account? Im trying to look for the file but cannot find it. Im using docker.

how can we restart firezone on docker? I changed max device per user but when I restart the VPS, the website turned an error 502.

See if this fixes it for you:

cd $HOME/.firezone
docker compose restart

Have a PR open to address this: Change restart policy to `unless-stopped` by jamilbk · Pull Request #1138 · firezone/firezone · GitHub

Hello, im getting this error when running the command.
root@firezone:~# cd $HOME/.firezone
-bash: cd: /root/.firezone: No such file or directory

I was able to restart it. However the max device per user set to 2 is allowing me still to create more devices in the account.

Below is the .env config;

TLS_OPTS=“tls {

root@firezone:~# cd /home/firezone
root@firezone:/home/firezone# docker compose restart
[+] Running 3/3
⠿ Container home-caddy-1 Started 10.4s
⠿ Container home-postgres-1 Started 0.9s
⠿ Container home-firezone-1 Started 0.6s

Nevermind its device limit is working now.