Can't login web interface after installion

Hello! I’m a big firezone fan. The turn has come to install on the vps server with os ubuntu 22.04.
The default installation, nothing rules and did not change everything by script. When trying to connect via api, a message appears in the browser {“message”: “Internal Server Error”}.
Another additional fact. When entering the terminal, Ubuntu says that there is one zombie process, here it is:
ps axostat,ppid,pid,comm | grep -wdefunct
Zs 2928 3371 epmd
It appeared after installation firezone.
What do you advise?

Hi there! Is this the Docker install or Omnibus install? When you say connect via api, could you explain? We haven’t released the API just yet (coming soon)!

Sorry for my english, i use a translator.
Yes, installing docker via script.